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Hotel Villa Yaguanabo Cienfuegos Cuba

Hotel Villa Yaguanabo offers small, comfortable cabanas protected by fertile vegetation. The staff at the hotel are ready for you to enjoy recreational and cultural activities. Among them are boating on the Yaguanabo river to the Valle de la Iguana (Iguana Valley), horseback riding, swims in the river and trekking along the Villa Yaguanabo trail. […]

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Complejo Topes De Collantes Hotel

Topes de Collantes Hotel is probably the only way you can get closer to nature in the gorgeous mountain town of Topes de Collantes. Nestled in the Sierra del Escambray mountains the hotel is popular with ecotourism and those looking for a rest from the beach vacations. The Los Helechos Hotel is recommendable. When you click “check availability […]

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